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Perform Guided Weightlifting Movements - Efficiently execute various exercise routines with our Smith Machine! From bench press, chest press, military press, squats, lunges, curls, shoulder shrugs to other muscle-massing workouts, our strength training Smith machines have got you covered!


Elevate Your Workout - Each Smith machine gym equipment comes with an adjustable weight lifting bench, so you can perform a wider variety of exercises with this Smith workout machine. It’s a great addition to any fitness enthusiast’s home gym set up!


Easy to Use - Our Smith machine gym equipment accommodates users of various heights. With a spacious walk-in space and a maximum bar height of 92 inches, this exercise equipment has plenty of room for you to move around comfortably, no matter how tall you are.


Built-to-Last Smith Machine with Weights Pegs - Made with industrial-grade steel, our Smith machine squat rack with 8 weight horns can hold up to 1000 lbs. The scratch-resistant, powder-coated steel frame can stand up to the hardest exercise routines for years to come. No wobbling or shaking!


Secure and Stable Lifting Cage Alternative - Our commercial  Smith machine comes with rubber feet that keep it from slipping. They also shield the floor against damage, so you can confidently perform exercises every time with this Smith rack.


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Elevate your workout experience with Ryan Sherwood’s Smith Machine! Our strength training equipment comes with an adjustable bench, allowing you to perform guided weightlifting movements with ease.


Execute Various Workouts

Bench Press

Chest Press

Military Press




Shoulder Shrugs

Other Muscle-Massing Exercises


Sturdy and Stable

Our Smith machine is equipped with anti-slip rubber feet that shield the floor from damage. This feature keeps it from slipping while being used, so you can feel secure as you work out at home or in the gym!


Designed to Last

Made with industrial-grade alloy steel, this commercial Smith machine with 8 weight horns is engineered to last. It features a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish and a sturdy steel frame that can handle up to 1500 lbs. No wobbling or shaking. Enjoy working out with this reliable equipment for years to come!


User-Friendly Gym Equipment

Our Smith machine offers ample space for comfortable movement, as the bar can reach heights of up to 92 inches, exceeding the 60 inches of squatting and pressing range of motion. It can easily accommodate individuals of varying heights and adjust to meet your specific needs


Product Details

Item Dimensions: 97 x 62 x 94 inches

Item Weight: 510 lbs.

Color: Black


Take your workout to the next level with Ryan Sherwood’s Smith Machine!