Ryan Sherwood - Multifunctional Cable Workout Machine, Adjustable Pulley Functional Trainer with 220-Pound Weight Stacks, Ultra-Smooth Dual Pulley System Cable Machine Gym Equipment

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About the Product

Versatile Full-Body Workouts - Experience the epitome of luxury fitness equipment with our cable workout machine. Designed for both home and commercial gyms, this premium gym machine offers a wide array of cable exercises for a comprehensive full-body workout.

Smooth and Durable Gym Machines - Elevate your fitness routine with the ultra-smooth dual pulley system of our gym cable machine, featuring premium quality aluminum pulleys. Enjoy a comfortable and wear-proof experience, as the pulleys ensure smooth and durable performance.

Customizable and Convenient - With 220-pound weight stacks on each side, the Ryan Sherwood cable pulley system gym machine allows you to tailor your workout intensity. Easily swap out handles, grips, and bars using the quick clip mechanism, making transitions between exercises seamless.

Effortless Adjustability - Discover new workouts with the adjustable features of this functional trainer cable machine. Boasting 31 height settings and 180-degree cable positioning, along with a center rotating board for attachments, you'll have endless exercise possibilities with our cable gym machine.
Enhanced Stability - A successful workout starts with a stable foundation, and that's exactly what this workout pulley machine provides. Equipped with standard quality rubber feet, the base of this multi workout machine remains secure, avoiding any unwanted slipping or sliding during your training.

Product Description

Introducing the Ryan Sherwood Cable Workout Machine – your gateway to a versatile and invigorating workout experience. Elevate your fitness routines with this premium equipment, designed to deliver smooth and customizable exercises.

Ultimate Versatility for Full-Body Workouts
This incredible gym pulley cable machine offers a world of possibilities for both home and commercial gyms. With a wide array of attachments included, such as a tricep rope, 2 rubber D handles, dual hook straight bar, and EZ curl bar, you can achieve full-body workouts with ease.

Precision Engineering for Seamless Performance
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cable pulley gym trainer boasts a high-quality finish that shines through. The machine's ultra-smooth dual pulley system ensures seamless movement, and the high-strength wire rope and pin-loaded adjustable column handles provide the durability you need for intense training sessions.

Effortless Swaps for Limitless Exercises
Seamlessly swap out handles, grips, and bars using the quick clip mechanism, granting you access to hundreds of cable exercises. The center rotational board is designed to hold various attachments and handles, while the 220lb weight stack on each side ensures a dynamic workout experience. Plus, it comes with a commercial workout bench!

Customizable Heights and Angles
With 31 independent height settings and 180-degree cable positioning, you can tailor your exercises to your preferences. The numbered upright columns make it easy to find the perfect setting every time. The center rotating board and movement descriptions guide you through a wide range of exercises, enhancing the enjoyment of your workout routine.

Product Details
Item net Weight: 1200 lbs
Item Dimensions: 40 x 65 x 95 inches