H3 home treadmill, foldable, 2 hp, 225 lb Capacity

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About the Product


Level Up Your Cardio - Take your workout to the next level with our Foldable Treadmill. With multiple molecular layers of material and a shockproof design, these foldable treadmills for home are gentle on your knees and joints. So, it helps you maintain constant running power.


Powerful and Ultra-Quiet Home Treadmill - Equipped with a noiseless 3.0 HP motor, our treadmill pad with a speed of 1 to 12 km/h lets you run or walk as much as you like without disturbing others. It’s the ideal treadmill for home, gym, or office use!


Track Your Progress - Monitor your speed, time, calories, and distance with the console of this running treadmill. Built with a front handle and tablet support, our workout treadmills allow you to place your device easily. Enjoy your favorite shows while using this treadmill for walking or running.



Built-to-Last Foldable Walking Pad - Crafted with premium alloy steel, our portable treadmills for home are designed to withstand heavy use. What’s more, our reliable indoor treadmill has a safety lock for emergency braking. So, you can feel secure as you work out.


Compact & Convenient - Our electricity-powered folding treadmills for home are easy to store. Because of their built-in flexible wheels, moving this portable treadmill from one room to another is also a breeze.


Product Description and Enhanced Brand Copy


Level up your cardio with Ryan Sherwood’s Foldable Treadmill! Featuring high-molecular 7-layer material, our shock-absorbing treadmill, made with premium alloy steel, shields your knees and joints from pressure. So, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient run.


Powerful and Quiet Operation

The treadmill's 3.0 HP motor allows you to run or walk with minimal noise. With a maximum speed of 12 km/h, our quiet treadmill is also equipped with a safety lock for emergency braking. So, you can work out securely without disturbing others.


Convenient to Store and Move

Our electricity-powered walking treadmills for home are foldable and have built-in wheels. Move them from one room to another and store them with ease.


Monitor Your Progress Effortlessly

The large LCD monitor lets you track your speed, time, step distance, distance, and calories in real-time. Want to watch your favorite show while running? Easily place your device on the designated tablet holder of this exercise equipment.


Designed with a Super Wide Deck

Measuring 50 x 25 inches, the deck of this sleek indoor treadmill provides a large running space to accommodate adults with different heights and a maximum weight of 250 lbs.


Product Details

Item Dimensions: 58 x 32.5 x 44.7 inches

Color: Red


Elevate your workout with Ryan Sherwood’s Foldable Treadmill!