Commercial Ryan Sherwood Power Tower Chin Dip Station

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Maximize Your Workout Potential - Achieve a full-body transformation with Ryan Sherwood’s Power Tower. From knee raises for the abdominals to pull-ups for back muscles, and dip exercises for chest and triceps, this versatile gym equipment brings together multiple exercises in one compact station.

Ultimate Comfort and Grip - This home gym equipment has non-skid step-up pads, close grips, wide grips, and rock climbing grips for a variety of grip options. Plus, the multi-grip chin-up handles ensure your workout is both effective and enjoyable.

Built to Last - Experience the assurance of a full commercial-grade power tower gym equipment that stands up to the toughest exercise routines. No wobbling or shaking - just a stable, reliable home workout equipment for your fitness journey.

Easy Maintenance - The commercial-rated upholstered padding on this fitness equipment not only withstands the rigors of intense workout environments, but it's also a breeze to clean with a simple wipe down. Keep your gym equipment for home looking and feeling fresh effortlessly.

Uncompromising Quality - Crafted using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, our strength training equipment boasts 11-gauge steel, oval-shaped tubing, robotic welds, and a scratch-resistant powder coat frame. Ideal for a home workout space or commercial settings like schools and studios.


Unleash your full potential with the Ryan Sherwood Power Tower. Crafted for stability and comfort, it's your all-in-one solution for a diverse range of exercises. Elevate your workout routine with this exceptional powerhouse.

Versatility Redefined
Unlock a new level of versatility with the comprehensive functionality of our home exercise equipment. From vertical knee raises targeting lower abdominal, to back-strengthening pull-ups, and chest-triceps sculpting dip exercises – this multi-functional pull up tower does it all.

Unrivaled Stability for Your Workouts
Elevate your workout experience with the unwavering stability of this pull up and dip station. Crafted from heavy-duty industrial-grade thickening steel, this robust tower, weighing 275 lbs, delivers double the stability compared to its counterparts. No more wobbling or shaking during intense workouts!

Slip-Resistant Design
Safety is paramount, which is why this home gym machine is equipped with non-skid step-up pads and standard quality rubber feet. These features not only help you avoid slips and falls but also keeps the base from scratches.

Ultimate Comfort, Unbeatable Performance
The commercial-rated upholstered padding of our power tower thrives in demanding workout settings while offering unparalleled comfort. Designed with your long-term satisfaction in mind, the leather wrapping has been rigorously tested—it remains unscathed even after enduring 8000 rubs with a 500g weight.

Product Details
Item net Weight: 275 lbs.
Item Dimensions: 41.34 × 56.1 x 91.34 inches