Adjustable Bench Ryan Sherwood Commercial Grade

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Elevate Your Workouts - Unleash your full potential with our commercial-grade adjustable weight bench. Suitable for health clubs and home fitness enthusiasts, our incline bench is designed for exceptional full-body strength training, targeting your chest, shoulders, back, abs, and more.

Unrivaled Comfort - Experience unparalleled comfort during your exercises with the premium 3" thick padding on our adjustable bench. Crafted for ergonomic perfection, the cushioning on this fold-able workout bench supports your body while you lift, ensuring an enjoyable workout every time.

Built to Last - Unlike ordinary gym equipment, these weight benches boast heavy-duty, industrial-grade thickening steel for safety and durability., offering unwavering support for a wide range of exercises, from dumbbells to power racks.

Seamless Mobility - Say goodbye to the hassle of moving equipment for your bench workout. Our adjustable workout bench comes with covered wheels and a padded handle, making it a breeze to relocate. The rubber feet ensure stability during workouts and when you set it back down.

Quality Redefined - Join the ranks of top-tier gyms and clubs with the scratch-resistant electrostatics powder-coated finish of our gym bench for home workout. This weight lifting bench is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a commitment to quality that enhances your fitness journey.


Whether you're a fitness aficionado seeking to elevate your home gym or a health club on the lookout for an upgrade, the Ryan Sherwood Adjustable Weight Bench is your answer. With unbeatable weight capacities and durability, our bench stands out from the crowd.

Unparalleled Comfort and Support
Boasting a plush 3" thick padding and ergonomic cushion shape, this exercise bench for home workouts is your ticket to ultimate comfort while performing exercises like weight lifting. The durable PU leather upholstery, enhanced by precise stitching, resists wear and tear, providing unwavering support as you strive for your fitness goals.

Premium Construction
Crafted to withstand rigorous routines, our workout benches feature electrostatics powder-coated finish that helps avoid scratches. Designed with the principles of ergonomics in mind, the upholstery's perfect firmness level (around C 65±5) and standard 50-inch height ensures suitability for users of all types.

The RSH Adjustable Bench offers 32 unique customizable settings, featuring 8 incline angles (from 0 to 90 degrees) and 4 seat adjustments (0, 15, and 30 degrees). Its enhanced adjustment lever facilitates swift changes, making it convenient for different athletes and workout variations.

Item net Weight: 110 lbs
Item Dimensions: 61 x 30 x 16 inches