RYAN SHERWOOD Deluxe Functional Trainer (Commercial Grade)


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About the Product
Effortless Versatility - Elevate your workouts with the Ryan Sherwood cable crossover Whether it's building strength, toning muscles, or achieving your goals, the versatile attachments and customizable cable positioning of these cable machines ensure an exercise routine tailored to your needs.

Quality Construction - Experience the difference with premium aluminum pulleys that provide a lightweight, smooth, and wear-proof performance. The oval tubing, finished with an electrostatically applied powder coat enhances durability, making this cable weight machine a standout addition to any gym.

Limitless Workout Fun - Say goodbye to monotonous workouts! With 31 independent height settings, 180-degree cable positioning, and 220 lbs. weight stacks, this cable crossover machine lets you explore a world of exercise possibilities. Adjust, pivot, and customize your workout routines!

Ultimate Smoothness - Feel the difference with the ultra-smooth dual pulley system and commercial grade aircraft cable on our crossover gym machine. Whether you're performing pull-ups, presses, curls, or leg exercises, the seamless cable movement provides a superior workout experience.

Unmatched Durability and Safety - Invest in confidence with the heavy-duty thickening steel construction of our cable weight lifting machine. Weighing 1200 lbs, our crossover machine is heavier than competitors, ensuring its sturdy during even the most intense workouts.

Elevate your fitness routine with the Ryan Sherwood Functional Trainer! Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this machine opens the door to endless possibilities, ensuring a dynamic and engaging workout every time.

Your Ultimate Fitness Solution
Crafted with precision, this machine features sturdy wire rope, aircraft-grade cable, and pin-loaded adjustable column handles. The rotational board accommodates various handles and attachments, ensuring a dynamic and effective exercise experience. Plus, the integrated chinning bar with three grip options lets you conquer various upper body exercises effortlessly.

Precision Pulley System
Experience a workout like no other with the ultra-smooth dual pulley system. While the premium quality aluminum pulleys provide lightweight durability, it's the seamless movement and smooth transitions that truly stand out.

Designed for Performance and Durability
Our cable crossover machine home gym boasts a level of engineering that sets it apart. The heavy-duty thickening steel construction ensures a remarkable weight capacity of 1200 pounds, providing you with a reliable workout experience.

The Complete Package
The Ryan Sherwood Functional Trainer comes with everything you need for an exceptional workout. From a pair of D hand straps, to a commercial bench, to standard quality rubber feet that help avoid slipping, we've considered every detail to enhance your safety and performance.

Product Details
Item net Weight: 1200 lbs
Item Dimensions: ‎163.39 x 29.92 x 92.91 inches